Practice-at-Intimacy Pathway: A Road to your first date

Some of my friends have already spent their 20th birthday but  they have not got a date yet. They are eager for a date but they have few male friends, let along a Mr. Right. Generally, they prefer to stay indoors and play computer games or watching TV shows. Or perhaps they do have male friends but these males are already in their friend-zone. I feel so pity for them and I am trying to figure out why.

Recently, I have learned a theory called practice at intimacy pathway. It means that in order to have a date one needs to go through the following steps:

Step 1:having a same-sex cliques( small group)

Step 2:having a  mixed-sex cliques

Step 3: Dating

Many of my female friends got stuck in step 1  because they never hang out males. Without exposure to the opposite sex, it is impossible to find a date( this only applies to heterosexual female). Even if the male you hang out with is not your type, you can know more males from them and you will gradually understand things from a male perspective, or at least know that male like and what they dislike.

In sum, if you are still an amateur in dating, try to hang out with a group of people with both female and male .

Good luck!


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Time for question:

Question two: Who is William?

William Shakespeare? Prince William? Yes but no. William is any one you what to date with. He is also the hero in the novel you will read. A charming smart guy? Yes, just start dreaming about your Mr. Right!

Question two: How am I?

A NERDY SOCIAL SCIENCE BAD BITCH. I know there is too much information here. Let me explain:


I’m a MBA student in university. MBA is not Master of Business Administration but “married but available”. Seriously, I mean I have a date now but I’m still looking for others. I’m also a nerd because I’m a big fan of social science theories: ELM, PKM, Dyverger’s law, Neo liberal institutionalism, conditioning, mere exposure…… Maybe you have not even heard of these words but that doesn’t matter. I will share you some dating tactics with these useful theories. They will help you date your William.

Social science

Psychology? Sociology? Political science? Everything included but most importantly, social science is for SOCIAL.

Bad Bitch

What kind of female can be called bad bitch?

1.Female who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it

2.Female who is always ready for anything physically, emotionally, and also intellectually(one being book smart as well as street smart).

3.One who is classy and all about business

4.Last but certainly not least one who knows how to take care of her man at home and in the streets and remains loyal to him(her man), herself, and the game at which she plays.

I know you are talking about me. Oh, I’m really flattered

More questions? Leave comments here and I will be right back.