[Confession] Identity Conflicts

My dear friends,

Thank you so much for supporting my blog for the past few weeks!

You may find that the owner of the blog is so different from the person in you know offline. I apologize for this confusion. I have to admit that this blog is for an online writing class and building a blog personality is a part of the assignment. That is why I exaggerated the claims and acting like a nerdy bad bitch in my blog especially in my novel.

You may see some familiar elements in my novel and you may feel the characters are someone you know in real life but in fact most of the stories in the novel is based on my imagination. I borrowed some plots from the stories I have read before and my understanding about personality difference. More importantly how the characters are thinking and doing are totally different from what I am really thinking.  Only for the sake of creating a vivid character I created their monologues and behaviors.

Now it is the end of the semester. Thank you again for your support!  If I have caused any inconvenience to you, I sincerely apologize.


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