Novel Ends but Life Will Not

After reading the novel serial, you may want to know whether Grace and William have finally worked out. Here is what Salina, the match maker told us:

Two months later:

  • Salina

Today Elizabeth told me that Grace has found a boyfriend. His name is William. I laughed, ”wow, that’s a big gossip to talk about!” But only God know what I was really think about at that time

Research shows that people are having trouble retrieving its cognitive process. This is really true to me. I cannot explain why I acted like that. It seems as if I genuinely feel happy for them. Nor can I tell what I was really thinking about at the moment I heard this news. Rationally, I do not think I am in love with William but as a good friend who knows both of them, I cannot help to have the counterfactual thinking: what if I were perusing William too, will I take the place of Grace? Did I miss some wonderful experience? Life itself is a trade-off. One cannot have everything: two good friends or a date and a rival. I have to choose.

However I cannot bless Grace and William with all my heart because I believe without using the tactics Grace cannot win his heart. I cannot help thinking that William can find a better girl who devote her true heart without using any tactics and who are prettier and smarter than Grace.

After all, tomorrow is another day, the story should have an end, but real life will not. Whether using tactics in dating or not. It is all your choice.

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