See More, Love More: Mere-exposure Effects

Sometimes, people tend to like things merely because they are familiar with them. Scientists call it Mere-exposure Effects. To apply it to dating, the take away point it:

Let you Mr. Right see you more and he will like you more as he become more familiar with you.

How can we do that?

1. Appear at where he is like an coincident

How can we know where he is? What I have shared you about creeping last week will be very useful. You can learn about his habits and daily routines from his social networks so you know where he will be at some specific time. Just be there too and make it looks like a coincident.

For example, if he is religious, go to the church in his region and sit beside him. If he is a good student, go to the library and ask if you can share the table. If you know which bus he takes to go to school, take the same bus.

I believe my smart readers like you smart can come up with more intentionally coincident like this. If you have some, just share with us in comments.

2. Create the chance to meet him

If it is hard to know his daily routine, there is another way to meet him frequently: create the chance yourself.

For example, you can lend things from him such as a book, a tablet, even a vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is to use your intelligence to create a plausible story to lend them. You can also let him teach you something he knew a lot such as driving, golf, billiard, board game. By asking him for a favor, you can treat him for dinner, for a concert, for a movie.

Just remember, meet him frequently and make yourself familiar to him. Good Luck!

2 thoughts on “See More, Love More: Mere-exposure Effects

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