Steps to the Ideal Relationship

The ideal relationship is that you do not need to tell him what you want and what you think. He can know it from your eyes, from your gesture, from what he knew about you before. But is that only a daydreaming?

That’s a philosophical story. The debates behind this discussion are that:

  1. Can you articulate what really in your mind?
  2. Can your meanings be correctly interpreted by him?
  3. Can you understand his reaction to your meanings?

To solve the problem the three-step training is needed.

Step one: Getting to know him

What kind of person he is? There are Big Five personality traits in psychology: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. They remain relatively stable in a person’s life. To know that, besides talking with him, asking his friend, you can also creeping on his social media websites. I will tell you how to do it later.

Step two: Let him know you

Let him know what kind of person you are. You can directly tell him or implicitly give him some hint. There is no answer for which one is better. It all depends on what kind of person he is. The short cut is training him like your pet, if he does things right, you need to reward him if he fails to do so, try another way to communicate.

Step Three: Be kind and have courage

Have you watched the movie Cinderella released recently? This is a phrase repeatedly appear overtime. This should also go through your communication with him. If he makes some mistakes, be kind to him. Be courageous to try new approaches and face the challenges ahead.

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